Technology for a more rehabilitative corrections system

Ameelio democratizes prison communication and education technology. By connecting incarcerated people with support networks and vital resources, we cut recidivism and sustainably reduce prison populations.

What we do and why we do it

We are a tech nonprofit that works with departments of corrections and other stakeholders to achieve our shared rehabilitative missions.

With 95 percent of incarcerated people eventually returning to our communities, it is critical that the American incarceration system focuses on reentry and social integration. Decades of research show that sustained family contact dramatically improves post-release outcomes and significantly reduces recidivism, which is why we are working to increase the accessibility of reliable prison communications technology for all vital support systems.

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Unified platform

A full ecosystem of communication, education and reentry products

Ameelio’s ecosystem of products helps everyone — from families 
to corrections officials to educators and service providers 
— empowering successful reentry from day one.

We work with departments and other criminal justice stakeholders to identify how to best leverage communications and education technology to achieve our shared rehabilitative goals.

Ameelio brings hope into prisons and jails by increasing contact with families and expanding access to education, legal aid, vocational training, and reentry resources. 

Our products are built to reduce recidivism and infractions while improving the mental health and financial wellbeing of those impacted by incarceration.

All products

One ecosystem

Our individual products

Family Communications

Family Communications


Family and Friends

User-friendly for loved ones and equipped with all of the security features needed to ensure safe communication. Ameelio supports personal video calling, voice calling, and messaging for loved ones.




Programs and Higher Education

Provide scaled programming and instruction to incarcerated students through Ameelio's custom LMS, designed for incarcerated people with our added communication suite for virtual instruction.




Probation and Courts

Support a continuum of care by providing pre-release in-reach programming with Ameelio. After release, work with Ameelio to continue accessing benefits and following the reentry plan.

Privileged Communications

Privileged Communications


Lawyers and Public Defenders

Communicate with incarcerated clients in a confidential and trusted ecosystem that supports direct communications and document-sharing.

Tablet & Hardware

Tablet & Hardware


Departments of Corrections

In addition to Ameelio working on any device already on-hand at facilities, we also provide departments with the option to purchase Ameelio’s own ruggedized devices.


We really wanted to find a platform that would create that extra layer of security. We’ve had video visits from 44 states and 12 different countries. Incarcerated people have something to look forward to with these video visits. I can even see it helping with disciplinary issues internally and potentially shifting our culture. I think it gives people hope.

Dr. Beth Skinner

Director of Iowa DOC


Maintaining family contact is a huge benefit to people behind the walls, it should not be a fanciful goal. I don’t view it as an extra privilege for a few. Of course people want to know what’s happening |behind the walls. I want there to be ease of communication and to make it as cost-efficient as possible.

Dean Williams

Executive Director of Colorado DOC


Ameelio's video calling platform is so easy to use — it's going to save us COs an abundance of time, make our work more efficient, and get our prison population reconnected with their families at no cost.

Mike Gass

Iowa Correctional Officer


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