Ameelio provides features built specifically for educators with students in carceral settings. Manage your courses and programs with ease by communicating directly with students and sharing course materials via a digital resource library.

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Virtual learning with video calls

Ameelio’s video calling service is the nation’s first free-to-use prison video calling platform for incarcerated individuals. Schedule video calls for virtual office hours, guidance sessions, and much more. With our high-quality video calling technology, you can start instructing your students in carceral settings with ease.


Student and counselor messaging

Get in touch instantly with incarcerated students using Ameelio’s electronic messaging system, which is confidential for attorney-client communications. Incarcerated people can readily access their tablet or kiosk device and send secure messages to authorized educators.


Digital resource library

From rehabilitative resources to ebooks to course assignments, Ameelio’s digital resource library gives you the ability to upload course materials that support the learning of each and every student. Share onboarding forms, syllabuses, feedback, and much more.


Ameelio worked with our juvenile detention center to develop a platform for residents to have secure contact with their families, while also complying with PREA’s requirement for a truly anonymous way to report incidents. Ameelio customized the platform to fit our needs and did so expeditiously. Our system is live now, and we are very pleased with the benefits to our residents and their families.

Amy Sierra

Assistant Superintendent, Kane County JJC


We really wanted to find a platform that would create that extra layer of security. We’ve had video visits from 44 states and 12 different countries. Incarcerated people have something to look forward to with these video visits. I can even see it helping with disciplinary issues internally and potentially shifting our culture. I think it gives people hope.

Dr. Beth Skinner

Director of Iowa DOC


Maintaining family contact is a huge benefit to people behind the walls, it should not be a fanciful goal. I don’t view it as an extra privilege for a few. Of course people want to know what’s happening |behind the walls. I want there to be ease of communication and to make it as cost-efficient as possible.

Dean Williams

Executive Director of Colorado DOC


Ameelio's video calling platform is so easy to use — it's going to save us COs an abundance of time, make our work more efficient, and get our prison population reconnected with their families at no cost.

Mike Gass

Iowa Correctional Officer


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